Videotaped Student Performances

Along with the group discussions involving Matthias, Wissam and Ian the videoed performances have emerged as one of the core musical experiences at the Grolloo Flute Sessions. Just before lunch each day, four students will give a complete performance of their chosen repertoire to all the participants (some people from the village also like to attend these sessions), which will be videoed.
A dynamic discussion follows, in which the performers are able share their intended goals and the audience gives their feedback in a supportive and constructive environment.
Later, the students have the opportunity to study the video quietly so that they can reflect and process their own thoughts in light of their experience and the feedback.
A traditional masterclass (usually on the same work) will either precede or follow the videoed performance enabling a connection between the traditional hands-on teaching situation and performance/feedback group discussion.
Timetable permitting, this will happen on a different day.

Matthias, Wissam, Ian
Markehuis - participants and listeners